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MetLife Protect Insurance

MetLife Protect is insurance as it should be: flexible, fast – and specially designed to keep pace with our rapidly changing lives.

What is MetLife Protect?

MetLife Protect lets you build insurance cover over time to suit your changing needs.

It also provides you with a better customer experience and saves you time.

It’s flexible, so you can simply add the ‘optional extras’ to your existing policy, that matter to you – such as the Specified Events Option, to provide additional financial support in case of accidental injury, or Individual Extras, to increase your trauma benefit for certain trauma conditions.

And most importantly, it’s affordable – allowing you the unique option to pay for some of your policy through your super.


Fast and easy online applications


Fewer questions to answer


Improved customer experience


Same day pre-assessment response 

Why MetLife Protect

At MetLife, we know insurance. We also know that every person is unique. That’s why we created MetLife Protect.

Discover a better customer experience, with fewer questions, fast and easy online applications, plus a same day pre-assessment response to your application. Additionally, a range of extra support services* are available if you need them – such as early intervention, mental health support and grief counselling (in case the Life Insured is diagnosed with a Terminal Illness), financial advice assistance after claim, rehabilitation and return-to-work planning services that we mutually agree upon, and more.

We’ve also made MetLife Protect more affordable by giving you the option to pay for some policies from your super fund, and some directly, along with multi-policy discounts, multi-lives discounts and healthy lives discounts. 

For the policy to be funded through super, it needs to be structured inside super, either through your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or you can be a member of the MetLife Australia Superannuation Fund. MetLife Protect Super is our insurance inside super policy and accepts tax-paid rollovers from your nominated superfund. For a SMSF-owned Policy, only personal contributions can be accepted.

*These support services are at the discretion of MetLife.

MetLife Protect. We’re doing insurance differently. Especially for you.
Why MetLife Protect Insurance

MetLife Protect + Optional Extras

We understand that every person is unique – and every lifestyle is different.

That’s why MetLife Protect allows you to build insurance by adding optional extras at the time you take a new policy with us or make changes to your existing policy as your life changes.

Life Insurance


  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when you become totally disabled
  • Specified Events: provides additional financial support in case of accidental illness, injury or death 
  • Buy/Sell: supports your business succession plan, with an immediate business expenses benefit 
Income Protection

Income Cover+

  • Claim Indexation: increases your claim payments to cover indexation**
  • Superannuation Contribution: pays your superannuation contribution directly to your superannuation fund during the claim period
  • Disability Extras: increases your claim payments† for the first 6 months of your claim – applies to specific scenarios
Total and Permanent Disability


  • Life Cover Purchase: you will receive Life Cover after a standalone TPD claim
  • Life Cover Buy Back: allows you to restore your linked Life Cover following a TPD claim
  • Double Benefit: allows you to restore your linked Life Cover following a TPD claim and waives premium on restored cover 
  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when you become totally disabled
  • Own Occupation: covers 100% of the TPD Cover amount in the event of permanent inability to work in your usual occupation
  • Own Business: covers 100% of the TPD Cover amount in the event you become permanently unable to work in your business
Trauma Insurance


  • Life Cover Purchase: you will receive Life Cover after a standalone Trauma claim
  • Life Cover Buy Back: allows you to restore your linked Life Cover following a Trauma claim
  • Double Benefit: allows you to restore your linked Life Cover following a Trauma claim and waives premium on restored cover
  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when you become totally disabled
  • Trauma Reinstatement: allows you to reinstate your Trauma Cover following a Trauma claim
  • Family Extras: cover for your dependent child in case they suffer from a serious illness
  • Individual Extras: boosted benefits for some covered trauma conditions

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We live in a fast-paced world, but with MetLife it’s easy to protect what matters as your life changes.

Contact your financial adviser today for more information.

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Product Disclosure Statement

Download and read the MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super Supplementary Combined Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Terms (prepared 12 November 2023)


Is MetLife Protect for you?

Target Market Determination (TMD)

For the class of consumers whom MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super is likely to be suitable for, and any conditions around how the product can be distributed, download and read the TMDs for MetLife Protect (prepared by MetLife Insurance Limited) and MetLife Protect Super (prepared by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited).

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones with a lump sum paid to your beneficiaries or estate if you die or become terminally ill.


Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance
Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Provides a lump sum payment for you if you become totally and permanently disabled and are unable to work. 

Trauma Insurance
Trauma Insurance

Ensures you are protected if you suffer from a specified serious illness (such as cancer) or a specified serious injury, such as losing a limb.


Insurance Protection Insurance
Income Protection Insurance

Keep your life on track with a regular benefit if you are temporarily unable to work due to an illness or injury.


Claims philosophy

Insurance is a promise we mean to keep – and a claim is our moment of truth. You can count on us to be there when you need us most, guaranteeing a claims decision within 10 days of getting your information.


What is underwriting?

Underwriting can make all the difference when individual circumstances need to be factored in. That’s why we employ a dedicated and experienced local underwriting team to find the very best solution for your MetLife insurance.


Insurance calculator

Our calculator is designed to provide you with an estimate of how much insurance protection cover you may need in the event of a trauma, death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) or if you are unable to work. Plus, it’s simple and easy to use.


How else can we help you?

Need a form? Have a question? Or simply want to find out more about the benefits of MetLife insurance solutions.

MetLife is committed to upholding key industry standards as we transition our industry association membership from the Financial Services Council to the Council of Australian Life Insurers in the first half of 2023. MetLife will continue to comply with the Life Insurance Code of Practice and life insurance industry standards as we serve and support our customers.  More information on the Council of Australian Life Insurers can be found at

** The automatic adjustment of your insurance premiums according to changes in the cost of living or another economic indicator, especially to compensate for inflation.

† up to 90% - based on individual customer scenarios.

MetLife Protect is issued by MetLife Insurance Limited (ABN 75 004 274 882, AFSL 238096). MetLife Protect Super is issued by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited (ABN 50 055 641 757, AFSL 229757). This information is of a general nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should seek independent financial advice having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs. We recommend that you read the MetLife Protect Product Disclosure Statement, which can be downloaded on this page, before deciding whether to acquire, or to continue to hold, these products.

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