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Supporting members, supporting growth

We understand that you want to provide the best possible experience for your members – and support them when things go wrong. At MetLife, we pride ourselves on providing a world-class experience for your members, whether they’re changing their cover or making a claim.

But we do more than simply provide insurance – we’ll also work with you to support your membership base. Your dedicated account manager will support you with direct campaigns, data-driven customer insights and innovative products to attract and retain members in your fund.

Our group insurance products

Group Life Insurance

Provide support and peace of mind to your members facing the consequences of death and terminal illness with a lump sum benefit payment.

Group Income Protection

Support your members with a regular payment to cover bill payments and other living expenses if they are unable to work.

Customer focus, compassionate claims

We know that making a claim can come at one of the most difficult times in a member's life. So we try to make it as easy as we can. We do this through:

  • Single point of contact: each claim is assigned a dedicated and highly skilled assessor, so your member can speak to the same person every time.
  • Our 'direct to member' service – provides fast and easy personal service, such as a text message service that facilitates urgent communication.
  • Enhanced rehabilitation service – early support to your members to help them identify the best medical treatment as soon as they're ready, so they can get back on their feet as soon as they can.

Market-leading technology

A great member experience needs the latest technology behind it. So we keep our technology market-leading, drawing on the best practices and innovations from around the globe, to provide unique local solutions to your members.

How we streamlined our application process

We want to make life easy for your members. So we streamlined our online applications to make them faster and easier to complete – stripping out 350 questions and 15 application forms – and cutting application time to under eight minutes.

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