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MetLife Protect

We know life moves fast and we believe that life insurance can be more nimble, transparent and consistent to help people be protected from the unexpected.

What is MetLife Protect?

We've made it easier for you to protect what matters most to your clients as their life changes, with building blocks of flexible life cover.

See how our insurance product could make a real difference in your clients' lives.


3-year rate guarantee

MetLife Protect’s 3-year rate guarantee on lump sum products provides you and your clients with financial certainty.

Multiple claims on Trauma

MetLife Protect’s Trauma Cover Reinstatement Option provides multiple benefit payments – up to six times the Trauma Cover Amount for multiple claims across each Trauma Category.

Flexibility around superannuation

MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super provides your clients with the flexibility to structure their insurance cover inside and outside superannuation.

Access to 360Health program

MetLife Protect provides your clients with access to a suite of health services to help support their health journey, and promote a longer and healthier life.

Rewarding customer loyalty

MetLife Protect’s multi-policy discount, multi-lives discount and healthy lives discount can provide your clients with even better value. All discounts are quoted automatically, so you can share the good news sooner.

Life moves fast, and MetLife Protect is designed to keep pace. 

It’s easy to increase your cover without full underwriting on the occurrence of specified life events or a salary increase.

For example, under certain circumstances, Standard Life and TPD covers have an inbuilt Life Events Increases Feature enabling cover to be increased without any medical underwriting.

Pay rise

Disability Extras


Family Extras 

First baby

Family Extras 

Graduation or registration in your field

Own Occupation Extras

MetLife Protect + Extras

Every client is unique.

Design a MetLife Protect + Extras policy to suit their needs now – and adapt it as their needs change. 

It’s a simple way to show you that we ‘get’ what’s important to them.

MetLife Life+


  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when your client becomes totally disabled
  • Specified Events: provides additional financial support in case of accidental injury
  • Buy/Sell: supports your client’s business succession plan with an Immediate Business Expenses Benefit 
MetLilfe Income Cover+

Income Cover+

  • Claim Indexation: increases your client’s claim payments to cover indexation**
  • Superannuation Contribution: pays your client’s superannuation contribution directly to their superannuation fund during the claim period
  • Disability Extras: increases your client’s claim payments† for the first 6 months of their claim – applies to specific scenarios
MetLife TPD+


  • Life Cover Purchase: your client receives Life Cover after a full standalone TPD claim
  • Life Cover Buy Back: allows your client to restore their Linked Life Cover following a TPD claim 
  • Double TPD: allows your client to restore Life Cover following a full TPD claim and waives premium on restored cover
  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when your client becomes totally disabled
  • Own Occupation: covers 100% of the TPD Cover Amount in the event of your client’s permanent inability to work in their Own Occupation
  • Own Business: covers 100% of the TPD Cover Amount in the event your client becomes permanently unable to work in their Busines, solely due to Injury or Illnesss
MetLife Trauma+


  • Life Cover Purchase: your client receives Life Cover after a full standalone Trauma claim
  • Life Cover Buy Back: allows your clients to restore their linked Life Cover following a Trauma claim 
  • Double Trauma: allows your client to restore Life Cover following a full Trauma claim and waives premium on restored cover
  • Trauma Reinstatement: allows your client to reinstate their Trauma Cover following a Trauma claim 
  • Premium Waiver: waives premium when your client becomes totally disabled
  • Family Extras: cover for your dependent child in case they suffer from a serious illness
  • Individual Extras: boosted benefits for some covered trauma conditions


With a MetLife Protect policy, your clients will have access to 360Health, an end-to-end health solution that focuses on our customers as individuals, taking into account mental, physical, social and financial health.

Find out more

360Health Virtual Care

And, to make sure they get the most out of their cover, they also have access to MetLife's 360Health Virtual Care; confidential expert medical support when they need it most. 

360Health Virtual Care provides advice customers access to a suite of services to help support, guide and reassure customers about their diagnosis, management and support for existing or emerging conditions from the comfort of their own home. 

The service supports customers with a completely confidential and individual approach. With a network of leading local and global specialists, and doctors across a large number of different medical disciplines, we can provide your clients with expert support. 

For more information about 360Health Virtual Care, call our Retail team today on 1800 523 523.

Target Market Determination (TMD)

For the class of consumers whom MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super is likely to be suitable for, and any conditions around how the product can be distributed, download and read the TMDs for MetLife Protect (prepared by MetLife Insurance Limited) and MetLife Protect Super (prepared by Equity Trustees Superannuation Limited) 

MetLife is committed to upholding key industry standards as we transition our industry association membership from the Financial Services Council to the Council of Australian Life Insurers in the first half of 2023. MetLife will continue to comply with the Life Insurance Code of Practice and life insurance industry standards as we serve and support our customers.  More information on the Council of Australian Life Insurers can be found at

** The automatic adjustment of your insurance premiums according to changes in the cost of living or another economic indicator, especially to compensate for inflation.

† up to 90% - based on individual customer scenarios.

This website contains general information only, which does not take into account your personal financial situation, objectives or needs. Before deciding whether to acquire, or continuing to hold, any of our products, please seek appropriate independent financial advice to assess whether it is suitable for you. You should also consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, available upon request by calling 1300 555 625, before making any decision. Life insurance products are issued by MetLife Insurance Limited ABN 75 004 274 882, AFSL 238096.

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