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MetLife Protect

We know life moves fast and we believe that life insurance can be more nimble, transparent and consistent to help people be protected from the unexpected.

The MetLife difference
We’ve designed MetLife Protect for the way Australians live today.

It’s life insurance as it should be - flexible and fast, with reduced complexity. 

What is Metlife Protect?

We've made it easier for you to protect what matters most to your clients as their life changes, with building blocks of flexible life cover.

Watch this video to see how our new insurance product could make a real difference in your clients' lives.

MetLife Protect + Extras

Every client is unique.

Design a MetLife Protect + Extras policy to suit their needs now – and adapt it as their needs change. 

It’s a simple way to show you that we ‘get’ what’s important to them.

MetLife Life+
MetLife Life+


  • Home Loan: provides additional  payments that can assist with loan repayments in case of illness, injury or death
  • Buy/Sell: supports your succession plan, with an immediate business expenses benefit
MetLife TPD+
MetLife TPD+


  • Employment: an enhanced TPD definition that permits some earning capacity during disablement
  • Specialist: own-occupation TPD definition
  • Business: own-occupation definition for business owners and sole traders
MetLilfe Income Cover+
MetLilfe Income Cover+

Income Cover+

  • Professional: covers a number of benefits aligned to professional workers 
  • Provide & Care: cover in case your clients need to take leave to care for a dependent child 
  • Key Person: support for your clients' business in case a key person in their business is disabled
  • Sole Trader: pays simple business expenses
MetLife Trauma+
MetLife Trauma+


  • Family: cover for your dependent child in case they suffer from a serious illness
  • Individual: boosted benefits for some covered trauma conditions
Packaged covers
If you need to set up a life insurance package quickly, choose from one of our simple pre-selected options with just a few qualifying questions.

Once the cover is set up, you can go through underwriting to vary terms if needed.

These packages are designed for ‘life moments’ - such as arranging a new mortgage or business succession plan.  

  • Home Loan: ensure your clients can get extra assistance in paying their home loan
  • Buy/Sell: enable your clients' succession plans
  • Business Loan: manage the risk of business debt
  • Key Person Revenue: keep the business running if a key person is disabled
  • Sole Trader Income: protect your clients' independent income streams

Life moves fast, and MetLife Protect is designed to keep pace. 

It’s easy to increase your cover without full underwriting on the occurrence of specified life events or a salary increase.

For example, if the life insured’s salary increases by 15% or more in a 12-month period, some Extras Covers have an inbuilt Life Events Increases feature enabling cover to be increased without any new underwriting.


Buy a home

Home Loan Extras


Pay rise

Employee Extras



Family Extras


First baby

Protect & Care


Start own business

Key Person/Sole Trader


Bring in partners


Inside super or outside super?
You can link MetLife Protect covers, so clients can pay for some policies from their super fund, and some directly – making it even more affordable in many cases for your clients.

Cover inside super is available for clients with an SMSF or who apply for a membership of the MetLife Australia Superannuation Fund.


Reward their loyalty

With multi-policy discounts, multi-lives discounts and healthy BMI discounts, MetLife Protect can provide even better value – and clients can pay premiums monthly or fortnightly without incurring extra costs.

All discounts are quoted automatically, so you can share the good news sooner. 

Meet the team

Meet the team

We’re working together to create great solutions for your business and your clients. As a MetLife partner, you have life insurance expertise on your side.

Underwriting and claims

Underwriting and claims

Insurance is a promise we mean to keep. Our underwriting and claims team put your clients first.

Adviser tools

Adviser tools

We’ve designed MetLife Protect to make everything easier and more transparent for our most important partners: our advisers.