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Underwriting and Claims

Dedicated underwriting can make all the difference when individual circumstances need to be factored in. Our highly experienced local underwriting team will work with you to ensure we provide flexible and transparent underwriting decisions.

Support in good times – and bad
Insurance is a promise we mean to keep – and a claim is our moment of truth.

With over $502 million in claims paid last year, you can count on MetLife to be there when you and your clients need us most.

Online applications – faster admin process with less chasing

Reflexive questions – reducing additional requirements

Tele-underwriting – more convenient for busy clients

Pre-assessment response same day – when we say faster, we mean it

Direct contact with underwriter – get the answers you need

Suspense management – move through the pipeline faster

Flexible cover updates – no need for medical underwriting

The MetLife Claims difference

No matter what the reason, we understand that when our customers makes a claim they’re going through a difficult time. So, we’ll make it as easy as possible.

In 2019, MetLife Australia paid over $502 million in claims, helping over 90 Australian families on average every week.

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Greater privacy
Greater privacy

Greater privacy

Only ask for the information we need

Grief counselling
Grief counselling


Grief counselling during difficult times*

Quick claim decisions
Quick claim decisions

Quick decisions

Prompt decisions once we have all necessary information

Rehabilitation, retraining and financial planning
Rehabilitation, retraining and financial planning

Support for you

Additional support services include rehabilitation, retraining and financial planning

We’ll help them get their life back on track
Our goal is to help your clients return to health and resume their life as quickly as possible. A faster claims response is just the start.

At no extra charge, our Early Intervention claims support service also provides:

  • Mental health support
  • Grief counselling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Return to work planning
  • Financial planning
MetLife Protect

MetLife Protect

Life is for living, not for worrying about what could go wrong. Help your clients live with confidence, with MetLife Protect. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We’re working together to create great solutions for your business and your clients. As a MetLife partner, you have life insurance expertise on your side.

MetLife Adviser Portal

Adviser Tools

MetLife’s advanced online tools and resources help you do what you do best: advise your clients.