At the most recent CMSF Conference in Brisbane, MetLife was delighted to participate in three often lively panel discussions around key topics related to the industry.

Safeguarding Insurance Inside Super

Nathan Rees, MetLife Head of External Affairs and Public Policy discussed safeguarding insurance inside super. He spoke about how changes in government, mergers, stapling and superannuation packages are impacting insurance, as well as what we should do to navigate these challenges to make sure insurance remains relevant.

He was joined in that discussion with Bill Watson, Chief Executive Officer, First Super in a discussion who shared some valuable insights regarding members of First Super. Mr Watson’s passion for his members strongly demonstrated how superannuation funds with clearly defined and unique member bases need to be protected, and indeed, celebrated for the work they do on behalf of their members.

The Future of Disability Claims

MetLife Head of Group Product, Renee Voutt, spoke about the future of disability claims. She highlighted the increase in disability and mental health claims expected in the future. She also touched on the evolution of insurance products, the need to consider how customers use insurance products as well as what the future of the product should look like.

Renee detailed that while we haven’t seen the implications of stapling today, we need to take the opportunity to focus on engagement, awareness and education. Superannuation funds need to help members be engaged and educated to ensure that they are aware of the type and level of cover that is in place, and that the product creates pathways to allow members to personalise insurance.

Demographic Update

Finally, MetLife Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Lina Saliba, participated in a lively panel which took a deep dive into Australian demographics and data that shows a surge in elderly population numbers in Australia. Lina unpacked how we can help both younger and older customers build a confident future.

Lina spoke of the opportunity to provide support to all eligible members, as well as those that submit claims. She explained that Australians are living longer, and importantly they also want to be healthier. This is exactly why we created our 360Health program to provide support to eligible superannuation fund members, regardless of whether or not they have submitted a claim.

If you have any questions about the MetLife presenters at CMSF, please reach out to your Relationship Manager who can put you in contact with them directly.