At MetLife, we believe that Income Cover is more than merely paying a monthly benefit to replace lost salary or wages, it’s also about providing your clients with the support they need so they can return to health, wellness, and work.

As part of this, we’ve made changes to the way we pay benefits for rehabilitation expenses and rehabilitation programs.

Most Retail insurers provide a supplementary (ancillary) benefit payment to reimburse for rehabilitation expenses and/or rehabilitation programs, which is usually limited to 12 times the monthly benefit.

At MetLife, our MetLife Protect and MetLife Protect Super Income Cover pays up to 12 times the monthly benefit for rehabilitation expenses, PLUS up to 12 times the monthly benefit for rehabilitation programs (over the life of the Policy).

This is paid separately to the Income Cover benefit payment and directly to the service provider – allowing your clients to potentially access up to twice as much rehabilitation than with other insurers.

In addition, your clients will also have access to our 360Health program which provides advice, support and specialised services before and during the claims process to complement their treatment and support a healthy recovery.

It’s all part of our commitment to help your clients return to health.

To find out more, speak to your MetLife BDM.