​It is important that during stressful times you carve out some time for yourselves. Here are some tips from MetLife 360Health you may find useful:

  • Do something that feels good and brings you joy - go for a coffee, take a walk, listen to music.
  • Take note on how you talk to yourself and make sure to cut yourself some slack. If you are unable to focus some days, don't be too hard on yourself.
  • Treat yourself how you would treat your best friend – check in on yourself and ask yourself if you are ok
  • Discover JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out, opposite of FOMO, Fear of Missing Out), and give news and social media feed a break.
  • Acknowledge your successes, show yourself some gratitude We are always quick to do that for others, so why not take a few minutes and consider all you have achieved.
  • Hang out with your 'cheerleaders'. Spend time with the people who uplift and support you.
  • Take your daily 'MEDS' (Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet and Sleep). Looking after your mind and body is a great form of self-kindness.

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